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May 06

Goodbye, and Thanks!

Frilly Pink is closed. Since some folks didn’t hear about it, I went ahead and cancelled everyone’s memberships and issued refunds where I was allowed to by the system so you don’t get billed again. So, that’s it. So long, and thanks for all the fish! It was a great learning experience for all of us, and the contributors and I wish to thank you for your patronage. Some of the content will be made available elsewhere, and if, after all this, you still wish to support us, feel free to join the Patreon for Ship in a Bottle and Peppermint saga. It’s right over here: https://www.patreon.com/macepaladino


Apr 16

Shut it Down…

I’m in a financial bind, and Frilly Pink isn’t paying the bills. Yeah, that came out a little blunt, but sadly, it is our reality. Plus, many of you probably noticed the sharp falloff in updates of late. It’s because I have no money to buy shiny art and things. So, as of May 1, Frilly Pink will be a subscription site no more. On the plus side, three of our comics will continue at some point as “freebies”, and those are of course, Mocaccino Gang, Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody and Kawaii Neko Daigaku. I will be setting up external sites for all three of those comics. I’m sure that Glance will continue to update Rose Slayer since she already had an established site for that over at http://www.lovexcore.com as well as maybe finishing Brave OT3 at some point. Maybe as a Patreon reward? She does have one of those. Speaking of: if you wish to continue to support us monthly, we’re driving to bring back my very popular genie webcomic: Ship in a Bottle and that is being supported by Patreon. I was a little conservative in how I set things up over there, but one of the implications of the Patreon is that if we really, REALLY start hitting some goals, I can take more time off to work on things like, oh, I dunno… Peppermint Saga? It’s been so long neglected, many if not all of you may have forgotten about it, but it is still there. And I very much want to continue it. So please consider checking it out. Anyway, here’s the Patreon link if you want to switch over: http://www.patreon.com/macepaladino and for kicks, here’s a link to Peppermint Saga: http://www.pepsaga.com

Thanks for a great year, and sorry we couldn’t get it together.


Apr 05

Happy Easter!

Blanche Bunny!

Happy Easter from the crew at Frilly Pink. Also! FINALLY some updates… two months worth, to be precise. I’m uploading them just after I type all this, so bear with me while I get everything in there. >.>

Jan 03

Happy New Year from Mocaccino Gang!

Blanche has us covered for the kickoff of 2015. Be sure to join up and check back in a week or so when the next installment goes live!

Jan 03

Seasons Greetings from The Lavenders!

Verias brings us some holiday cheer in the form of a very bendy Azrael from The Lavenders! If you came here via the comic, be sure to join up to see what’s underneath all that candy striping. ;)

Status update

Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers! I say this with all due respect, of course. ;3 Jokes aside, we have some real holiday cheer with this update. THREE pages of “Mocaccino Gang” by Prettio, FOUR galdang pages of KND and a very special Christmas treat of a pinup by our friend from across the pond, Koucha! (seriously, you guys need to see this.) Looking forward to some more pinups and comics in 2015, so see y’all in January!

Oct 28

Lydia by Tim Fischer (Comixmill)


You can imagine my extremely pleasant surprise when I went to check my e-mail via my iPad the other day and found this beauty in my mailbox. This amazing color sketch of Lydia was done by art veteran and Up Late with Mace fan, Tim Fisher. (also known as “Comixmill” on various outlets on the web.) Hopefully, some of you are already here due to his recommendation, but for those of you who came in from elsewhere on the web, be sure to check that link. You won’t be sorry. A while back, he did some work with Slipshine, and although I am trying to get as much “pristine” work as possible (i.e. stuff from artists not available anywhere else), I would love to be able to lure this fine gentleman over to our soft and sexy dark side. If you’re interested in that happening, you can help us achieve that dream by subscribing and providing the funds so we can afford him one of these days. ;)

Oct 27

Happy Halloween from Mocaccino Gang!

Blanche from Mocaccino Gang

Blanche bids all ye who enter a happy Halloween. Prettio has been outdoing herself this year as we bring the first chapter of her main series to a close. This is just a sketch (and what a sketch it is!), but if you want to see the full-resolution final version (assuming you didn’t come here from one of her awesome social media places), you can see it inside her Artist Showcase gallery in the members area!

Oct 04

Meet Lydia!

Our mascot girl, Lydia, who has been gracing our header for a while (silently) is going to be answering your questions soon. But in the meantime, enjoy some free cheese from our new friend Amena-dono. :)

Lydia by Amena-dono

Sep 20

OT3 Improved

Brave OT3 has been on hold for a while, but today I went through all the pages so far end edited them.  I fixed mistakes on the artwork and increased the page size to 1200 px width.  Look forward to this short story resuming in October.

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