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Status update

Hey hey, forgot to mention that there was both Splortgate and Titsune updates so far this month. Also, be on the lookout very shortly for this month’s installment of Mocaccino Gang. Joel finally gets serious in his “negotiations” with Blanche, so it’s gonna be a bumpy ride from here!

Status update

Oh ho ho, it’s the big July update, and you know what that means: 1 new page of Splortgate, 1 of Titsune, and both the English and Spanish versions of Mocaccino Gang are up in the archives! Still waiting to see what Saint Tail has in store for us, and who knows… we might see one or two out of Verias and Dark Zuri this month. Keep yer fingers crossed!

Jul 12

Verias Strikes Again!

I was looking over some commissions and random drawings that our good friend Verias was having me critique, and I happened across one I really liked. So I bought it. This month’s special surprise pinup is a sample of a book he’s working on called “Fairy Tails”. Hopefully, I’ll be able to present you all with more such “exclusive” sneak peeks as they develop. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet preview boobs.:D

Be sure to see the full-resolution pinup in the Artist Showcase only in the Member’s Area!


Jul 04

Rose Slayer X

The sexy vampire comedy is now on Frilly Pink with double the image resolution, and advanced reading.  Follow the adventures of a naive vampire slayer and a saucy vampire queen.

Rose Slayer will continue updating on lovexcore.com, but as a member of Frilly Pink you get access to new pages as soon as they’re completed.  The entire archives have been uploaded at a width of 1200 pixels–double their original size.

Rose Slayer fans, look forward to more Frilly Pink exclusives in the future.

Status update

Finally decided to stop being a dick ninja and post the English pages of Mocaccino Gang. In addition to that, tonight’s updates include a new page of Titsune and a brand new pinup by artist Koucha! Apparently, it’s Estelle from The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. I own the game, but haven’t played it yet. But it’s a pretty sweet pinup. Enjoy!

Status update

I added a new Zelda pin-up today (with two variations).  Please enjoy!

Status update

Hoo, Doctor! Since my last post, we’ve had three new pages of Mocaccino Gang (Spanish for the moment…), FIVE new pages of Kawaii Neko Daigaku, a new pinup by Adventurer and the triumphant return of Ebenezer’s Splortgate SG-Prime and Titsune with a page of each. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff this month! And there’s still more to come, folks. Hang in there!

Status update

Hi, everyone! I have spent the last few days editing the site a bit. You can now read previews of our five feature comics (thumbnails above). I’ve also made the layout more responsive, so it should look okay on your smaller screens. Please comment or post in the chatroom (found on the right sidebar) to let me know if there are any issues.

Jun 10

Zelda Kickoff – Adventurer

Princess Hilda Cosplay

This month I decided to do an impromptu “Legend of Zelda Awareness” month. Adventurer was happy to oblige with some pinups of epic proportions. To get you in the mood, we feature a Tsundere Princess Hilda. Her eyes seem to say “no”, but her body says otherwise. Sign up or log in to see more uncensored pics tomorrow. ;)

Status update

WHOOPS! So, that page I thought I uploaded on the 25th for Titsune? Just ignore the man behind the curtain. He forgets important stuff like posting the page. That means that, technically, there are now THREE new pages of Titsune in the archives and a fantastic new pinup by the ever talented Dark Zuri. BTW, going forward, pinups and one-shot comics go in the Artist Showcase for your browsing convenience. Ciao!

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