You can imagine my extremely pleasant surprise when I went to check my e-mail via my iPad the other day and found this beauty in my mailbox. This amazing color sketch of Lydia was done by art veteran and Up Late with Mace fan, Tim Fisher. (also known as “Comixmill” on various outlets on the web.) Hopefully, some of you are already here due to his recommendation, but for those of you who came in from elsewhere on the web, be sure to check that link. You won’t be sorry. A while back, he did some work with Slipshine, and although I am trying to get as much “pristine” work as possible (i.e. stuff from artists not available anywhere else), I would love to be able to lure this fine gentleman over to our soft and sexy dark side. If you’re interested in that happening, you can help us achieve that dream by subscribing and providing the funds so we can afford him one of these days. 😉