Ok, so, Episode 0: “Origins, I Guess…” is fully underway. It’s a 10-page romp brought to you buy our friends BlackWalker80 and Verias, and of course, Yours Truly. But! This only lasts for 8 more weeks after Thursday. If you want to keep things going, we are already taking donations for Episode 1: “The Flight of The Master Baiter”, and it introduces Frilly Pink’s first addition to her soon-to-be-infamous Rogue’s Gallery! Granted, we have given you a sneak-peek at Solo Man Bundy, but, other than his complete “lack of chill”, he has no really defining features other than being a horrific (and terribly misogynistic) marriage of Al Bundy from “Married With Children” and “Solomon Grundy” from DC’s “Superman” comics. Anyway, the “deal” is pretty well spelled out. Each time we gain $60, a new page goes up on the “banked” board. When that stops, and we run out of “banked” pages, the comic stops. It’s pretty straightforward. This comic is NOT governed by Patreon, HOWEVER, by joining our Patreon, you not only help us make more of the OTHER comics in the Pink Panties Productions stable, you get other cool stuff and bonuses as well as Frilly Pink extras. So, please consider it.